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05. Teck Resources


Teck Resources head office development consisted of 10 floors of office space as well as a staff amenities area. As Owners Representative we were involved with and responsible for selecting, negotiating and recommending the consultant team best suited for the project.

We directed and managed all aspects of the head office development project; this included the selection, recommendation and direction of the General Contractor. We also coordinated and monitored the design development process to ensure the design respected both the budget and time constraints.

This project received LEED® Gold Certification.

Additional Projects/Sites providing Owners Representative Services

  • 2010 – 2018 · Various Locations
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  • Teck Galore Greek, Vancouver BC
  • Teck Coal, Tumbler Ridge BC
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  • Bentall 5 IT Expansion, Vancouver BC
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  • Teck Audit Services, Santiago CL
  • Teck Audit Services, Shanghai CN
Project Commence:
Square Footage:
180,000 sq. ft.
New Build, Multiple Projects
General Contracting, Owners Representation